Andile’s Bored Company- “The Magical Negro Agency”


For those who don’t know, “The Magical Negro” is a stock character in American Cinema who is always there to help the main white character. The best examples of this would be Butterfly Mcqueen (Prissy From Gone with the Wind), every single Morgan Freeman movie, “The Help” (all-star magical negro cast) and of course the legend of Bagger Vance (Honestly that movie was like the Casablanca/Citizen Kane/ Titanic of Magical Negroeness). Here at ABC we have served the role of being Magical Negroes for many people. It’s been a challenging job but because of us there are many white folk in Cape Town whose lives have been radically changed. Don’t Believe us? Here’s a little story to prove our point:

So now we’re offering up services to the world. All you have to do is give us free internet and booze. Thanks.


One thought on “Andile’s Bored Company- “The Magical Negro Agency”

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